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Chris Hitman Products is a new website coming soon all about - Chris Hitman Products.

As you can see, this website is just getting going, so in the meantime here is a list of Chris Hitman products you may like to look at. Check out this growing collection of products by Chris Hitman (many in partnership with Michael Thomas or Jane Williams under the Cyber Tactics banner):

(Please note: from time to time links do not work. Sometimes when we discover this, we will temporarily link to another Chris Hitman product until we can get a valid replacement.)

My Product Store (New! With John Merrick) Create your own ecom store in moments

WP Site Guardian 2017 (New! With Michael Thomas) WordPress security plugin - protection against bots and hackers

WP Master Control V2

WP Link Shield 2.0 (With Michael Thomas)

Easy WP Localhost (With Michael Thomas)

Traffic Shield (With Jane Williams)

WP Master Clone (With Jane Williams)

WP Web Audit

WP Cheat

PC Masterclass

PhotoShop MasterClass


WP Simulator - now replaced by Easy WP Localhost

Chris Hitman is well known for his high quality internet marketing software and training.

Chris lives in Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, in the south west of England in the United Kingdom.

































































































































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